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All donations no matter how small are greatly appreciated.They will help pay for our server,website and teamspeak.


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  • 1st -SD-Peacefulfury

  • 2nd -SD-rebourne

  • 3rd -SD-DELTON-ACI-

  • 4th -SD-SAMMY

  • 5th -SD-Ryning


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  • Partners & Friends

  •  http://www.usaclan.net/

  • https://www.rebelrangers.com
  • http://taf-clan.net/

  • AntiCheat

  • http://www.anticheatinc.net

-ACI- Keep our servers cheat free please help support them.

As most of you know ACI keep going purely on Donations all staff are voluntary they don't do it to make a profit they do it because like us they want to play a hacker free games. If its possible and within your means please try to donate as often as you can, here

Below is a list of some great features you get as a member/server owner of -ACI-

1.Clan Management System (CMS)
2.Clan Tag Protection
3.LiveMonitor Server Management feature
4.Local Ban List system
5.LiveSecure This the next generation of game server anti-cheat protection systems, offering near real-time cheat banning and kicking along with unprecedented ease-of-use.



Now Recruiting

   We Are Recruiting 18+

If you would like to apply to become a member of -SD- Soul Defenders

you can start by filling out our application form 




You must be 18+ the only exception we make

to this rule is if you are son/daughter of Founder/Admin or long time regular player on our server.



       Thank you for dropping by. Please come back soon

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