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15:09-- -SD-Thetaxman: Hello «link» :D
18:15-- -SD-Eltalp: Hey! I love you guys :-* :-*
12:36-- -SD-Thetaxman: good
12:12-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Main server is back up :D
10:53-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: December the 1sr and we are into advent... hope you are all doing well. unfortunately i am no right in the head at the minute, however getting there
10:14-- -SD-Dorr: Morning Thomas! My Wife is watching a recording of "The Good Dr." Ya know I can't get this time back from my life!
14:40-- -SD-Lemmy: O.O
14:39-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: I have set server 2 up just the same as server one so we can play on that until this is sorted
14:21-- -SD-Dorr: Tks Delton
14:03-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Our main server is Disabled not sure why but i have put a ticket in
13:57-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: I kill you :D :D
11:08-- -SD-Thetaxman: Morning :D
11:07-- -SD-Thetaxman: lol
11:06-- -SD-panik: Morning
11:05-- -SD-Dorr: Good Morning All Humans and Deltalunalamaheimerstion!
17:46-- -SD-Bossie: Hello gnome :D
13:39-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Hello girls and Bossie :D :D
10:34-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: cheers bud....... be back on Ts soon see you in a bit have a good one
13:22-- Lobbypain: nice 1 jimmy
8:34-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: Have a very good black Friday people, just got 4k firestick for peanuts well a couple o pounds
1:36-- -SD-MxJames: «link»
1:36-- -SD-MxJames: a song for you
1:36-- -SD-MxJames: shit happy belated birthday spartanic, one love
16:09-- -SD-Poply: Happy Birthday Spartanic
16:03-- -SD-Spartanic: Thank you Mates!
14:13-- -SD-Dorr: Happy B-Day Sparty!!!
13:57-- -SD-Sgt.Thorn: Happy Bday Mr.Spartanic :P :D
12:31-- Lobbypain: Happy Birthday spandex i mean sparanic
12:07-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Happy 90th Birthday Titanic :D :D :D
11:58-- -SD-Bossie: Happy birthday Spartanic! :)
8:16-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: Happy Birthday, Spartanic, hope you have a good one bud
7:18-- -SD-Thetaxman: Happy birthday Spartanic :D
7:07-- -SD-Thetaxman: Especialy for you Delton «link»
16:29-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: away to have my tea, then play some insurgency
9:30-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: i shall be away from TS for a wee while...... if you can't behave be careful O.O
14:22-- -SD-Thetaxman: Hello
11:20-- -SD-Dorr: O My,,,Dumbassery abounds!
21:32-- -SD-Bossie: Haha ofcourse Peaceful thats why he did it... :D
15:21-- -SD-MxJames: «link» crazy
15:02-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: If you notice anything else please let me know :D
15:01-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Done nice catch Spartanic: :D
15:00-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: I see i will fix it for him :D
14:58-- -SD-Peacefulfury: This of course is the Dutch way of writing the months and of course that is why Delton did it that way :)
14:56-- -SD-Peacefulfury: Spartanic meant that the month does not have a capital letter :)
14:52-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: And its just the same as her in game name -SD-Bossie
14:51-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: It saves space :D
14:43-- -SD-Lemmy: :P
13:37-- -SD-Spartanic: Wish to note an error in Bossie's birthday month, using lower case instead of uppercase. Only one that is wrong in that manner.
8:32-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: good morning everyone .....
12:44-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Girls :D
11:20-- -SD-Dorr: Morning Peaceful/Taxman!
8:46-- -SD-Thetaxman: Boogie «link»
7:44-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: sure have bud, thanks
22:08-- -SD-Jymyhunaja: enjoy life jimmyboy...the best part of it U got
18:16-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: got my grandkid Lucie over ..... so no gaming enjoy
11:39-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: All new members please check your steam invites have been sent to join -SD- Steam Group.
11:07-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: Update On sandstorm for those interested
15:16-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: R.I.P des
15:16-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: cannot believe Des O'Connor has knocked Yes sir i can Boogie of top spot in the charts, wonder is his family will open the Box or take the money
19:43-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Elephant eater :D
16:29-- -SD-Bossie: Hello gnome :D
14:19-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: and Bossie
14:19-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Girls
12:36-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: yeah ... real AI .... ha ha ha Peace.. maybe some day Bossie
17:12-- -SD-Peacefulfury: If they could they wouldn't get a word in.
17:11-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: I didn't know the bots could talk Jimmy :D
16:59-- -SD-Bossie: Hey Jimmy, are you gonna join us on aapg tonight? :)
15:40-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: Hiya all, hope the game is working fine now , the server I play sandstorm on is amazingly great fun , banter not too bad ... no as good as here
14:53-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Hello
10:52-- -SD-panik: Morning all
10:26-- -SD-Dorr: I object!!!! My Morning "Good Mornings" should last forever.
19:00-- -SD-$cRuMpF: I looks nice and clean in here
16:06-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: :)
14:59-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Clean up :D

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Welcome to -SD-SoulDefenders Website.
We Are Recruiting!

What we are looking for:
Are you 18 years or older?
English speaking.
Do you have a proper working microphone?
Do you have a passion for AAPG.
No history with cheats (your gaming account will be checked! Account must be Clean)

What we offer:
A growing -SD- family with its own America's Army Proving Grounds and Insurgency Sandstorm server, located in the UK.
A teamspeak server for communications outside the game or within the clan.
A maintained and monitored website for applications, game discussions or anything you like to share.
We have members from around the globe.

Our main priorities are:
Have fun in game as much as we can
Have good team play / communications
Keeping a clean and respectful server/website for anyone See Rules

Does this sound like what you are looking for?
Don't wait to join the -SD- Clan submit your application right here : Join The Clan

Have a lot of fun and a great game play.

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