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12:53-- -SD-Spartanic: Not yet Jimmy, kind of slow in my state.
12:53-- -SD-Spartanic: Good one Tax
12:27-- jimmyboy1952: hope all that are to have the vaccine have had it ..... Stay Safe
12:25-- jimmyboy1952: funny link ha ha ha
12:25-- jimmyboy1952: Taxman ...... Kill him
15:07-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Silence I KILL YOU :D
15:07-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: :D :D :D :D
14:39-- -SD-Thetaxman: Delton iam coming «link» :D
11:43-- jimmyboy1952: As Delton says .... just you, however it works ha ha ha
14:52-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: That's just you Tax :D :D :D
14:28-- -SD-Thetaxman: Hello.I`ll be ready in an hour «link» :D
14:09-- -SD-gizmo116: hi all :)
13:56-- -SD-Thomas_V: Hei all.
13:56-- -SD-Bossie: Hey Delton :)
13:47-- -SD-Dorr: Morning all Y'all.
13:41-- -SD-Thomas_V: I don't know.. does it taste good?
13:33-- -SD-Spartanic: Work panik? What is that?
13:32-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Hi girls and Bossie :D
12:54-- -SD-panik: Morning all..Now get back to work you lazy folks :D
11:35-- jimmyboy1952: hiya you two ....... keep safe
11:31-- -SD-Bossie: And Jimmy
11:31-- -SD-Bossie: Hello Dorr :)
11:31-- -SD-Dorr: Morning Bossie!
15:35-- -SD-MxJames: Servers down on main page ?
14:16-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: You did you did see Rebourne :D
14:15-- -SD-Dorr: I taw, I taw a Rebourne!
14:43-- -SD-Dorr: Peaceful,,,Wud you get on TS? Pretty PLZ
12:27-- -SD-Sgt.Thorn: Hello guys :)
12:21-- -SD-Dorr: Mornin to all Y'all
12:02-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: ha ha ha Panik.... I was only Jesting ...... I normally leave that stuff the to the boss and Delton ha ha ha
14:36-- -SD-Peacefulfury: Hey Dorr :)
14:24-- -SD-Dorr: Mornin Ya Two!
22:07-- -SD-$cRuMpF: Good to see ya around Ricky! Glad you're doing oke, and hope to see ya around in AAPG.
14:20-- -SD-Ricky097: Yeh yeh :) :-*
14:15-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: And old age that does not help :D
14:14-- -SD-Ricky097: Haha probably will be , been off gaming for a while now
14:12-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Ok m8 whenever you can i just want an easy kill :D :D :D
14:11-- -SD-Ricky097: Don't know if I can today, I'll install the game. Although cannot promise I'll be on tonight or this week :(
14:10-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Any chance you having a night on AAPG
14:10-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: :D :D :D :D
14:09-- -SD-Ricky097: haha, always though you're part of the furniture :D , well thats good
14:08-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Bitch i am not that old :D
14:06-- -SD-Ricky097: yeah this covid stuff, didn't knew you still work =D
14:05-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Good still on furlough but all is good :D
14:04-- -SD-Ricky097: been good and you buddy?
14:03-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: How are you m8
14:01-- -SD-Ricky097: hey there
14:00-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Ricky097 Hello m8
12:21-- -SD-panik: fó fók sseik Jimmy :D Sorry about the PT my only intention was to get a "Delton Rage reaction" :D Morning to all of you old folks
10:01-- -SD-Peacefulfury: Good news Dorr :)
0:10-- -SD-Dorr: I got an Appt for this Thursday! Yeeee Haaaaa
18:17-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: Panik ya sassij ... English only 8)
14:48-- -SD-Peacefulfury: Surely it was 'U old git'! :)
14:47-- -SD-Peacefulfury: Surely not!
13:58-- -SD-Dorr: Mornin Ya Bunch, wat was that term you referred to me as,,,, Ahhhh Yes I remember, Ya Git!
13:33-- -SD-panik: Good monring all
13:33-- -SD-panik: Anda moço, estamos a tua espera :D
12:28-- -SD-Bossie: Hey Ricky, nice to hear from you :)
12:12-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: O.O
11:22-- -SD-Ricky097: ladies, just dropped by to say i'm still alive =) hugs for everyone :-*
12:34-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: Enjoy bud, we still cannot get out..... oh ben vaccinated by the way, keep safe
11:11-- -SD-Dorr: Valentines Day today! Off to a Brunch with my Lovely Lady.
14:30-- -SD-Dorr: Morning Y'all!
12:48-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: Great Read James....
12:47-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: I would love to visit you guys, however travel Insurance for me would cost more than the vacation. O.O
12:15-- -SD-Spartanic: foggy here at the moment but temp is already 75 F at 7AM. Have to love Florida. If any of you guys/girls make it here to Melbourne (east coast) feel free to stop by and stay if we are here.
14:25-- -SD-Dorr: OR,,,26.6667 C There
14:24-- -SD-Dorr: Around the 80 Deg F area here
13:02-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: very cold in Scotland this week good job we were snowed in :D :D:D:D:D
12:57-- -SD-Dorr: Where's Rebourne? Morning Taxman Hav a happy
11:56-- -SD-Thetaxman: Hello Rebourne and Dorr :D
8:53-- -SD-Thetaxman: I'm coming for you tonight, James «link» :D
12:54-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: vaccine had to be cancelled due to weather ....... Thanks for the birthday Wishes people
12:19-- -SD-Bossie: Happy Birthday Jimmy! :)
11:49-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Happy Birthday Jimmy :D
10:17-- -SD-Poply: Happy Birthday Jimmy(!)
6:59-- -SD-Sgt.Thorn: Happy Bday Jimmy, wish you a lot of health :)
6:24-- -SD-Thetaxman: Happy birthday Jimmy :)
14:25-- -SD-Spartanic: Everyone note Jimmy's Bday is tomorrow
12:52-- -SD-Peacefulfury: Good news Jimmy
12:46-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: get my vaccination tomorrow
11:51-- -SD-Peacefulfury: Morning Dorr :)
10:20-- -SD-Dorr: Morning James!
13:38-- -SD-Thetaxman: Hello :P
12:59-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: cheers Delton
12:58-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: hiya everyone
12:57-- -SD-Dorr: Mornin Ya Bunch! LOL
15:03-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Hope you feel better soon Jimmy ;)
14:34-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: As far health goes no really ..... as far as mind goes unrepairable Delton :-*
14:33-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Or he is one :D :D :D :D
14:18-- -SD-Thetaxman: he talk with aliens i think :P
14:16-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: jimmyboy1952 you ok m8 :D :D :D
14:14-- -SD-Thetaxman: yo yo Dorr :D
14:14-- -SD-Thetaxman: hello
14:14-- -SD-Thetaxman: lol
14:13-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Girls
14:13-- -SD-Dorr: Yo Poply????? Where's my Yo Dorr?
13:51-- -SD-Thetaxman: Yo Poply :D
13:51-- -SD-Thetaxman: lol
12:08-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: hello all.... in deep thought ...... save me save me, from my oversized brain ,i am really an Alien trying to get home
11:05-- -SD-Dorr: On behalf of Rebourne's world-wide, Good Morning!
10:07-- -SD-MxJames: morning rebourne ;)
15:04-- -SD-Bossie: and Delton
15:04-- -SD-Bossie: Hey Dorr :)
14:56-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Hi all :D
14:55-- -SD-Dorr: Mornin James
14:51-- -SD-Dorr: Mornin Bossie & Peaceful!
11:43-- -SD-Dorr: Mornin Delly
14:09-- -SD-Bossie: Good afternoon Dorr :)
10:06-- -SD-Dorr: It's Got to Be Magic!
19:19-- -SD-Heavy_Metal: Evening All :)
13:49-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: It was down and slowing website down but all is good now
12:40-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: oh Team viewer missing ?????
10:54-- -SD-Dorr: I'm Mr. Lonely, Ohh So Lonely, I can't _______.
11:31-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Morning girls and Bossie :D
12:42-- -SD-Thetaxman: Exoloot Did you fix your internet connection? Because tonight I'm going to teebag you bitch :D
18:21-- -SD-Exoloot: Lost Connection, See y'all tomorrow
15:34-- -SD-Dorr: Afternoon,,,Fearless Leader!
12:46-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Afternoon Dorr :D
11:27-- -SD-Dorr: Mornin Peaceful!
12:23-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Morning Girls :D
12:10-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: Ah that is good to hear because I do not need my head Spinning any faster than it is 8)
14:59-- -SD-Peacefulfury: Well they say it is but I would not worry about it the shortest day ever recorded was last year and it was only 1.4 milliseconds shorter than normal/average.
14:38-- -SD-Dorr: I heard that is a true statement. But, if it isn't, Peaceful will correct our understanding....LOL
12:14-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: The earth is spinning faster ......
11:11-- -SD-Dorr: LOL,,,Yur the smartest Man I know, or maybe it's the leading edge of a Basketball????? You saved the Earth.
6:56-- -SD-Peacefulfury: Are you talking to Gort, Gorgious or moving the book?
20:44-- -SD-Dorr: Klatoo Barada Nikto!!!
20:20-- -SD-Dorr: It appears that You've missed 3
16:48-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: And another hmm :D
15:09-- -SD-Poply: it is still showing a message;-)
13:05-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Clean up.

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Welcome to -SD-SoulDefenders Website.
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What we are looking for:
Are you 18 years or older?
English speaking.
Do you have a proper working microphone?
Do you have a passion for AAPG.
No history with cheats (your gaming account will be checked! Account must be Clean)

What we offer:
A growing -SD- family with 2 America's Army Proving Grounds Servers Fully Cheat Protected By -ACI-.
A teamspeak server for communications outside the game or within the clan.
A maintained and monitored website for applications, game discussions or anything you like to share.
We have members from around the globe.

Our main priorities are:
Have fun in game as much as we can
Have good team play / communications
Keeping a clean and respectful server/website for anyone See Rules

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