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13:32-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Nice one dorr :D
13:31-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: :D
13:05-- -SD-Dorr: I left a comment.
12:30-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: If you want to add comment it may help them decide to do it.
12:29-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: «link»
12:09-- -SD-Sgt.Thorn: I already done, have a good feeling about both exams 8)
12:09-- -SD-Sgt.Thorn: Thank you :D
11:13-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: Good luck my man ....... cant help you with English ha ha ha
10:58-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Good luck with your exams Thorn :D
9:41-- -SD-Bossie: Goodluck with your exams Thorn! :)
17:00-- -SD-Sgt.Thorn: Thx peace :)
15:54-- -SD-Peacefulfury: Hey thorn :) good luck with your exams
14:32-- -SD-Sgt.Thorn: Hey m8s, will join you at the weekend again. I have an exam tomorrow about train brake systems and on friday in english. See you then
13:44-- -SD-Sgt.Thorn: Good day folks :D
13:43-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: I also like the look of it if you need any help setting it up just let me know m8.
13:40-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: refresh page Maclobster its live i just joined server so works like gametracker
13:27-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Hi Bossie :D
12:50-- -SD-Bossie: Hey Delly :)
12:40-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Girls and bossie :D
12:01-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Gametracker down so i have taken banners off for now.
19:36-- -SD-Peacefulfury: Hey eltalp :)
17:53-- -SD-Eltalp: Hello! i'm alive :D
14:00-- -SD-Dorr: Tks for all of yur Work!
13:04-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Both servers restarted and cleaned up :D
13:53-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Press Ctrl+F5 to refresh
12:57-- -SD-Dorr: I know I Do! Thanks
12:46-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Do you like the new layout ?
14:02-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Hello girls and Bossie :D :D
11:24-- -SD-Dorr: Morning Peaceful
8:22-- -SD-Sgt.Thorn: Good morning folks:D
13:59-- -SD-Dorr: FunHouse is Down, I assume Delly is changing the scripts.
13:47-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Girls :D
11:59-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Cleaned up colours in forum Ctrl+F5 to refresh
11:33-- -SD-Peacefulfury: A clothes shop
10:37-- -SD-Dorr: Wat's a Primark????
10:00-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: Dont all rush together to Primark ... Stay safe
10:25-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: happy groundhog day people ....... remember stay happy and laugh ////
14:30-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: *UPDATE* from me ...... you need to go where gask mask is to find NVG, just take off gas mask and they show NVG
10:06-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: Night maps amazing only problem night vision aids not great.. some not working properly but what a difference in game style
19:08-- -SD-Highlander: Thanks peeps... XXX
14:19-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: night maps working but only on vote
20:04-- -SD-CrashO: Happy birthday wee man!
17:42-- -SD-Bossie: Happy birthday Highlander :)
17:33-- -SDr-Birdie: Happy birthday Highlander
15:36-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Happy birthday Highlander :D
15:35-- -SD-Thetaxman: cheers Maclobster :D
15:34-- -SD-Thetaxman: Happy birthday Highlander
15:07-- Maclobster: Cheers SD clan Hooah
15:07-- Maclobster: img
14:34-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: for Sandstorm
14:33-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: voting list still on
14:15-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: had
14:15-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: OK Mr. Dorr what is the answer
14:13-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: happy Borthday Highlander hope you have a good one
13:22-- -SD-Dorr: Happy B-Day Highlander
11:32-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: another update for sandstorm
10:47-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: cannot find server fro Sandstorm
14:27-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: last time i checked it was repeating map outskirts
11:09-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Update for sandstorm
11:06-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: A Thai Ladyboy
9:42-- -SD-Dorr: The girl with something Extra.... What ya call a girl with measurements of 32", 24", 34" and 9.
18:41-- -SDr-Birdie: Lovely matches this evening, thx guys!
15:35-- -SD-Thetaxman: not me lol
13:52-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Its-sVs.Thanathos if your here to ask about your ban then you need to follow this «link» and also read this «link»
12:43-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Working on sandstorm server hopefully be back up later :D
12:18-- -SD-Thetaxman: «link» :D :D
11:51-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: kick him ...... Sandstorm server down working on it
11:33-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: I don't care who he beat if he is not using his in game name he will not get on our website.
10:31-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: Thanos is the guy who nearly beat the Avengers,
8:05-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: To make it clear if anyone registers on our website you must use your in game name as your user name if not your account you made will not be activated.
8:03-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Anyone know who Thanthos is ?
13:29-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: have fun James
13:29-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: what a crappy Monday so far ..... :-(
12:49-- -SD-MxJames: have fun
12:49-- -SD-MxJames: im of to the country for a few days, should be back thursday
9:14-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: thanks Deltom .....
14:08-- -SD-Bossie: Haha thank you Spartanic :)
12:12-- -SD-Spartanic: Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads on our team, as well as a Happy Bossie's Day to our ball of fire.
11:13-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: I am on it m8
10:07-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: here we go again .......
11:44-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: need to fix the crashing
13:09-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Another update for sandstorm today.
12:06-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Hello Maclobster :D
16:15-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Welcome m8 i will remove r from name on website.
16:10-- -SDr-Jymyhunaja: THX for the clan tag, I'm taken. Nice to be in a group.:)
13:12-- -SD-Thetaxman: but must wait for 3 july :(
13:09-- -SD-Thetaxman: The outpost is good too «link»
13:07-- -SD-Thetaxman: «link»
12:18-- -SD-Dorr: LOLOLOL
11:48-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Clean up :D

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