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3-6 7:59:20 -SD-DELTON-ACI- Thank you Dorr well done :D :D :D :D
2-6 22:58:57 -SD-Dorr There are want's and Need's, I only want. I remember clearly that "Rebourne" used to get a lot of "Thank You's" at the end of each round. That's valuable, BTW: Make that "Mr."
2-6 14:04:35 -SD-DELTON-ACI- Strange you need that
2-6 12:30:42 -SD-Dorr I want a Rebourne! LOL
2-6 8:42:11 -SD-Peacefulfury Got to website through chrome with no vpn :)
1-6 8:05:11 -SD-Sgt.Thorn Good luck Bossie, you'll make it ;)
31-5 18:16:58 -SD-jimmyboy1952 Good luck Bossie
31-5 18:13:52 -SD-Bossie Thank you :)
31-5 16:15:26 -SD-Peacefulfury Good luck Bossie :)
31-5 13:20:10 -SD-Dorr Congrat's Bossie!
31-5 12:39:47 -SD-Spartanic Excellent news Bossie, finally coming to conclusion.
31-5 12:23:38 -SD-DELTON-ACI- Ok but you have a lot of schooling left after that 6 years old is only kindergarten :D :D :D
31-5 11:25:11 -SD-Bossie From monday 1ste of June until atleast the 14th but probably until the 24th of June I will have my final internship and final exam so I will be less online or not join at all. After that I'm hopefully finished with school :)
30-5 16:19:44 -SD-jimmyboy1952 nice
30-5 13:51:05 -SD-DELTON-ACI- Ctrl+F5 to refresh and you will see new background :D
30-5 13:33:48 -SD-DELTON-ACI- Restarted
30-5 12:50:40 -SD-jimmyboy1952 no sandstorm Server ....
28-5 14:47:25 -SD-Peacefulfury I tell it like it is
28-5 10:15:43 -SD-Dorr Ya Know,,You don't Understand! I ain't scared of you Mutha's.
27-5 15:29:50 -SD-Rebourne :-* grumpy
27-5 13:01:25 -SD-DELTON-ACI- Pink good to see you now get playing bitch :D
27-5 12:20:28 -SD-jimmyboy1952 Sandstorm server down ... yhink it needs updated
27-5 10:58:44 -SD-jimmyboy1952 ha ha ha Dorr
26-5 11:50:00 -SD-DELTON-ACI- Hi Maclobster i added your tag :D
26-5 11:21:59 -SD-Dorr I found the Dundee Philharmonic. «link»
25-5 18:16:43 Maclobster Hi all partners, welcome back with SD site, greets Mac {RR}
25-5 17:32:15 -SD-Eltalp I'm alive, but too much work, too tired ... see you soon
25-5 17:32:08 -SD-Eltalp Helloooo
25-5 13:31:00 -SD-DELTON-ACI- :D :D :D
25-5 13:30:52 -SD-DELTON-ACI- Jimmy how is the horse
25-5 13:25:58 -SD-jimmyboy1952 ha ha ha ha ha Gary
25-5 12:06:13 -SD-Dorr BTW: The store owner then unplugged the machine. He'll be back soon.
25-5 11:39:16 -SD-Peacefulfury Serves him right for trying to be the brown dirt cowboy
25-5 11:28:31 -SD-Dorr Poor Jimmy,,,It's my sad duty to report that our pal Jimmy has been injured and is in the Hospital. He got on the horse and started out slowly, which was fine. But then we went a little faster; before he knew it, they were going as fast as the horse could go. He couldn't take the pace and fell off and caught his foot in the stirrup, the horse was then going like the clappers with him on the ground with his foot stuck in the stirrup. The horse just would not stop it was out of control he stated he never known anything like it. Poor Jimmy
24-5 22:38:48 -SD-Ricky097 getting there slowly =) you ?
24-5 10:59:58 -SD-Bossie How are you?
24-5 10:37:01 -SD-Bossie Hey Ricky
24-5 9:53:53 -SD-Ricky097 Hello there
23-5 18:36:12 -SD-Peacefulfury Congratulations :)
23-5 16:29:03 -SD-Dorr I have received my Package today.....
23-5 13:51:37 -SD-DELTON-ACI- Nice to talk to you again m8 :D
23-5 13:17:40 -SD-Shiva here we go
23-5 12:46:49 -SD-DELTON-ACI- working on chrome for me m8
23-5 12:24:31 -SD-jimmyboy1952 guys
23-5 12:24:22 -SD-jimmyboy1952 good day guya hope alls well
23-5 12:23:22 -SD-Dorr I'm on Chrome rt now....Wrkin fine for me
23-5 12:22:45 -SD-jimmyboy1952 windows
23-5 12:22:40 -SD-jimmyboy1952 is widows not the best
23-5 12:05:24 -SD-Peacefulfury Website has disappeared from chrome again I can only connect from firefox and then only occasionally
23-5 1:16:42 -SD-Peacefulfury Yes it was :)
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